We live in a world of Design.

Where every line leaves a lasting impression.

Intricate patterns lie hushed in the whorls of a leaf even as a spider spins a complex web of stunning details.

Amidst natural beauty is a sense of purpose and ingrained in nature lies inspiration.

True design speaks when even the finest nuances are crafted with exquisite care and purpose.

True design stands out when it all comes together to serve just one purpose - You.

About Ace Palazzo

Bungalows for sale in Khandala

Welcome to PALAZZO, a property in Khandala, where the way of living is as exclusive as it is welcoming.

Designed with an eye for detail, PALAZZO is a series of stand-alone villas in Khandala that offer all that you seek. And then some more.

Where hushed living spaces merge seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.

Where clean white spaces beckon and spare lines entice.

Pristine and luminous, celebrate the incredible lightness of being with the Bianco series of stand-alone bungalows.

Melting in to the surrounding landscape, serene Verde is a tasteful retreat that is a pure sensory indulgence.

As infinite as the sky and awash with possibilities, Azure is where you delve deep to discover hidden passions.

Plush with promise, Viola is the very warp and weft of PALAZZO, catapulting the word 'lifestyle' to exalted new levels.


Every PALAZZO home is a world by itself but if you do choose to step out,
there are a host of amenities at your disposal.

  • Gently Sloping Manicured Lawns

    Gently Sloping Manicured Lawns

  • Badminton Court

    Badminton Court

  • Basketball Court

    Basketball Court

  • Jogging Track

    Jogging Track

  • Club House

    Club House

  • Reading cum Meditation Room

    Reading cum Meditation Room

  • Amphitheatre


  • Garden Paths

    Garden Paths

  • Squash Court

    Squash Court

  • Personal Gym

    Personal Gym

  • Personal Indoor Game Area

    Personal Indoor Game Area