Ace Palazzo

PALAZZO - These luxury villas in Khandala are well planned right down to the most minute details.

While these villas near Lonavala are all tastefully designed for those who jealously guard their privacy; communal life spaces are all embracing - extruding a sense of holistic well-being, making them the nicest weekend homes near Mumbai.

Every PALAZZO villa in Khandala is a world by itself, but if you do choose to step out, there are a host of amenities at your disposal.

Across the gently sloping manicured lawns, a badminton court, a basketball court and a meticulously laid out jogging track beckon.

In the centre of it all is the strikingly designed Club House.

Here, a quiet reading-cum-meditation room, an amphitheatre, garden paths and walkways await your patronage.

Come the evening, the party hall at the Club House offers you ample opportunity to mingle with like-minded PALAZZO owners.

Amenities and Common Spaces

  • Jogging Track
  • Garden Paths and Walkways
  • Badminton Court
  • Basketball Court
  • Roof-Top Garden
  • Squash Court
  • Reading-cum-Meditation Room
  • Kids Play Area with Sand Pit
  • Amphitheatre

Note from the Architect

Our vision is to create a minimalistic experience that celebrates SPACE by design, FORM by design, and ORDER by design.

The PALAZZO architectural language combines refreshing contemporary lines and generous spaces that are stacked and staggered to usher in the indoors into the outdoors and vice-versa.

Each PALAZZO bungalow has a separate access, courtyards, relaxing spaces and swimming pools individually designed for its type. In contrast to the "social" layout of the main floor, the bedrooms and family room upstairs are private and peaceful.

A delicate game of constructed and empty spaces, even the walls at PALAZZO are the sum of the parts of a cohesive spatial plan - offering you privacy and yet allowing unhindered access to open areas that are waiting to be explored.

Ace Group